Masturbation 32:Don’t Be Shy

You’ve never done this before. You want to, it’s something that has been eating at you for a while. You love to watch, but you really want to participate. The thought of pleasing yourself while Jen watches and pleases herself drives you crazy. But doing it… Jen is great, she gently and persistently persuades you to show yourself. You can tell she is loving it, her pussy glistens with each stoke you make. She matches your enthusiasm. Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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Masturbation 30:So Sticky & Wet

First thing in the morning you come on by and show me your morning wood. Well I love it. You want to watch me cum while watching you stroke your cock. I can’t help myself but cum. I start off with showing you my little outfit. I then pull out my huge tittes, nipples hard as rock. The sight of you stroking has me hot and bothered. I bend over doggy style and give you a little tease. I can tell that has the desired effect on you. I lay back down and spread my legs. My pussy is creaming, I’m cumming even before we can get into it. I’m sticky and wet for you, are you ready to cum for me?

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Masturbation 29:Pussy So Wet

You want to watch me get off today. That’s fine, I’m soo horny right now. You know how I love to perform, it makes my pussy tingle. I start off by showing you my supple ass, bending over and spreading my ass cheeks for you. It’s making me so wet, I can see how fast your cock shot up. I turn around and reveal my huge melons, pulling them out one at a time and showing you how hard my nipples are. I lay down and start rubbing my pussy. You can hear how wet I am, my pussy is soaked. I start playing using only my fingers this isn’t going to take long. I quickly bring myself over the edge. This little show really had it’s effect on me. Are you ready to see me squirt?

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Get your copy of Masturbation 29:Pussy So Wet