Gonzo Facial Cumplay 01

It’s always best to have a powerful orgasm before bed. I know it helps me sleep, and we know it helps you sleep as well. You know I love my cum. You also know that getting a huge facial to clean up always makes me happy. I’m going to start off by giving you a slow teasing blowjob. I’m not only going to give you fantastic head I am going to worship your cock as if its a magical scepter. I love to feel it’s heat, the throbbing and pulsating. I have to feel it all over my face, lips and in the back of my throat. I’m going to push it deep enough down my throat that I begin to gag. You know when I gag on cock it makes me squirt. I squirt everywhere, everytime. And when you finally release my prize, your cock is going to shoot all over my face, hands and tongue. Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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Gonzo: Torturous Edging Blowjob

I’m going to bring you along with me and my boyfriend. I really want to edge him, the more edging I do the more cum he will make. I’m going to slowly bring him to orgasm with my mouth. I get him to lay down on the couch and set up the camera so you have a nice view of me teasing his cock with my tongue, lips, and fingers. Have you ever had your girlfriend treat your cock like its her favourite flavour of ice cream on a cone? Now your starting to understand what my plan is. I love to watch a man squirm under the soft touches of my tongue. See him wince in ecstasy as I rub his cock head around my lips, just like he’s a stick of lip gloss. There is nothing more exciting to me then feeling a mans cock expand as it’s about to shoot it’s load, then stop! Only to watch huge globs of precum form on his head. Then lick off the precum, just to make him jump. I don’t forget your there, I’ll talk you through what I’m doing. I want to keep all my men happy, and I make sure to make eye contact with the both of you.

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