BJ Cleanup Cumshot 01:Boy Friend

I never waste cum, EVER! I am a cumslut. I make a cock cum, mainly because I want to see, feel, smell and taste the cum. If I make you cum, the cum is mine. Watch me prove it here. I sit my BF in a chair and give him an awesome slow teasing blow job. I love to give slow, teasing blow jobs because those blow jobs make the most cum. The more I tease and drag on the blow job, the more of my treat I get. If I sat you down in the chair I would do the same to you. That cum in your balls is mine, you carry it for me.

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BJ Cleanup Cumshot 06:BF Heart Attack Head

The other night my BF spoiled me with some crazy incredible orgasms. I was satisfied but I needed cum. A spent pussy is one thing but a face full of cum to clean up is another. Don’t worry sweety you get a front row seat, and you know I will take care of you as well. I start off with licking and teasing his head. He loves that, I know you do as well. I then take his cock nice and deep in my throat, I feel his cock spasm and he shoots a nice load of pre-cum. Fuck, my spent pussy squirts again! I always squirt when I feel pre-cum or cum shoot down my throat. I keep teasing and licking him. I bring him to the brink of orgasm and hold him there. He calls this, “Heart Attack Head”. I know you want to feel my warm mouth wrapped around your cock. My hands stroking you as you throb. I swear I can feel you, warm, throbbing and hard. I promise I’m going to finish you all over my face and lick it all up, just like I do to my BF.

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Gonzo: Torturous Edging Blowjob

I’m going to bring you along with me and my boyfriend. I really want to edge him, the more edging I do the more cum he will make. I’m going to slowly bring him to orgasm with my mouth. I get him to lay down on the couch and set up the camera so you have a nice view of me teasing his cock with my tongue, lips, and fingers. Have you ever had your girlfriend treat your cock like its her favourite flavour of ice cream on a cone? Now your starting to understand what my plan is. I love to watch a man squirm under the soft touches of my tongue. See him wince in ecstasy as I rub his cock head around my lips, just like he’s a stick of lip gloss. There is nothing more exciting to me then feeling a mans cock expand as it’s about to shoot it’s load, then stop! Only to watch huge globs of precum form on his head. Then lick off the precum, just to make him jump. I don’t forget your there, I’ll talk you through what I’m doing. I want to keep all my men happy, and I make sure to make eye contact with the both of you.

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Cock Worshipping 01: Your Cum Soaked Slut

Your favorite cum slut needs her daily dose of cock and cum. I nestle between you knees. In my favorite position, ready to extract a nice load of hot cum. I plan on taking my time, enjoying every lick and flick of my tongue. I want you to shoot a horrendous load of cum. I want you to love what I’m doing to you even if it becomes uncomfortably teasing. I’m not doing this for you, no I’m doing this for me. I plan to worship your beautiful cock, I’m not worshipping you.
Are you ready to cum for me?

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Black And White 11:Your Big Fat Black Dick

You’ve got a nice big fat black dick. The second you showed it to me my juices were flowing. This is going to be a fun day! We start the show with a little strip tease. I move right into a POV blow job. Licking a sucking you. Treating your beautiful black cock like a melting ice cream cone on a hot, hot day. You want me to ride you reverse cow girl, so I turn around and show you my plump ass and my pretty pink pussy. I’m ready for your nice hard cock, are you ready to cum for me?

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Black And White 10:I Want Some Cum

Good morning babe. Is your big black cock, rock hard and throbbing for me? Well your favorite cum slut wants your cum. I’ll suck your huge cock until your ready to nut for me. Then I’ll hold back. I am naughty you know and if you squirm for me I’ll get super wet. You hold that load and I’ll let you fuck my pretty little pink pussy. Don’t you dare unload inside. I want to lick that hot load up, I need to taste you soo bad. Are you ready to cum for me?

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Black And White 09:Deep In My Pussy

You’re dieing to watch me fuck my big black cock. I can’t wait to feel it stretch my tiny little pussy. I’m so excited to fill my pussy to it’s limits…I almost forget to do a little strip tease for you. You did ask for it, and I’m so happy to do it for you. I turn around and slowly take off what little clothes I’m wearing. Giving you the perfect view of my big round ass. I’m sorry I didn’t take my time but I need to feel that huge cock in my pussy. I start creaming almost immediately as I start pumping my pussy. I’m going to cum so hard for you. Are you ready to cum for me?

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Black And White 08:Cum With Me

You like the stark contrast of my big 8 inch black dildo against my smooth white skin. You love to see my pink pussy taking that BBC. I’ll tell you the truth, I love the feel of it. My BBC always feels so fantastic as it stretches my pussy to it’s limits. It’s always a struggle at first, as soon as I get it in deep my pussy gushes all over it. You can see my pussy juices as they pour out and coat that black cock. It doesn’t take me long before I start to cum. Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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