Bedtime Feeding 02: Cock Worshipping Cum Slut

Tonight I’m in the mood for slow teasing. I start with a nice slobbery blowjob, getting your shaft nice and slippery. I can see that your extra pent up and I want to take away all that tension. Slowly at first I stroke your cock, each slow stroke sends shivers down your body. Your cock gets real stiff. Now that I have your attention I begin the worshipping, with my tongue. Nice slow licks, from the base of your shaft to the now super sensitive head. Using my tounge I take you fully into my mouth, swirling the underside of you shaft and head. I feel the pre-cum loading my tounge. I follow this up with more slow tounge teases and some nice slow deepthroats. Using the head of your cock like lipstick I paint my lips with all that delicious pre-cum. I feel you swelling, and your cock grows hotter. Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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Bedtime Feeding 01: I’ll Lick It All Up

I can’t go to sleep unless I have my shot of protein. The whole act of making you cum before bed always makes me fall asleep that much better. I’m sure you know this by now but just sucking your cock makes me cum. I mean you need to nut for me or I need a nice deep throat but I always wet my panties whilst licking your lollipop. My favorite thing to do is to edge you along, then take your cum all over my face. I do this knowing I will get the biggest and most forceful load. Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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Gonzo Facial Cumplay 01

It’s always best to have a powerful orgasm before bed. I know it helps me sleep, and we know it helps you sleep as well. You know I love my cum. You also know that getting a huge facial to clean up always makes me happy. I’m going to start off by giving you a slow teasing blowjob. I’m not only going to give you fantastic head I am going to worship your cock as if its a magical scepter. I love to feel it’s heat, the throbbing and pulsating. I have to feel it all over my face, lips and in the back of my throat. I’m going to push it deep enough down my throat that I begin to gag. You know when I gag on cock it makes me squirt. I squirt everywhere, everytime. And when you finally release my prize, your cock is going to shoot all over my face, hands and tongue. Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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Big White 01:Dildo Reveal

A while back I made a video about my new Big Black dildo. Since you guys loved that video I thought I would make a reveal video for my Big White dildo. Same slutty Cum4Jen but with Big White! I show you for comparison my big 8 inch dildo with my new Big White, you gotta see. I then attempt to deep throat it. Guess what? I can’t! I then sit with it between my legs. It’s head sits above my belly button. This is going to be an awesome video. There is even a easter egg at the end. I can’t wait for you guys to see it and I want to hear your thoughts on it. Are you ready to Cum for Jen?

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BJ Cleanup Cumshot 02:BF

I just couldn’t help myself. There we were getting ready for bed when I just had to have a hot load. A nice hot shot of cum always helps me sleep. I couldn’t just suck his cock and swallow his cum either. I needed to tease the cum out of him. If I spend the time and slowly tease a nice hard cock I am always rewarded with a huge load. I didn’t want to just swallow it either, I was in the mood for a full facial. I never waste cum, ever! Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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Big Black 01:Dildo Reveal

I received a new surprise BBC toy in the mail yesterday and I’m so excited to try it out. I actually waited a day so that I could make this video for you guys. My new BBC is massive compared to my old one. I show you guys the size difference, it’s a huge 10 inches compared to my old 8inch. I start by seeing how far I can stick it in my mouth, wow that’s a mouth full. I then sit down with it between my legs, it sits above my belly button. This makes me so excited, its going to stretch my pretty pink pussy to it’s limits. I then hold it between my massive tits. You can see how excited I am by how puffy my nipples are. I honestly didn’t know I was THAT excited about it. After I go full on with my new toy, it makes a squirt more then once. Are you ready to see how deep I take my new toy? Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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POV 01:Cum Fuck Me

Want to get as close to fucking me as you can? I bet you do.
Do you want to be there from beginning to end, from the moment I get you hard to the point you shoot a load of cum all over my face?
This is probably the closest you will get to actually being there. This incredible sexy video is shot from a gopro right after a day of camming. There are many points in this video that you will want to jerk off too. The teasing, my huge tits bouncing up and down while I get fucked. My pussy squirting, the anal penetration and teasing. My begging for cum and the nice facial at the end. This is not a single view video, your going to jerk off to it over and over again. Please enjoy and let me know what part of the video is your favorite.

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Going Gonzo 01

This is my first Gonzo scene. Watch as I start with a real slow teasing BlowJob. I want your cock hard as a rock so I ride cow girl. You’re a visual man and need your eye candy. I then lie down so you can see these huge 36 DDD’s bounce when I’m being pounded. I end off with a nice facial, I know you love to see me catch cum. Of course I worship all the white goo, I am a cumslut…

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BJ Cleanup Cumshot 01:Boy Friend

I never waste cum, EVER! I am a cumslut. I make a cock cum, mainly because I want to see, feel, smell and taste the cum. If I make you cum, the cum is mine. Watch me prove it here. I sit my BF in a chair and give him an awesome slow teasing blow job. I love to give slow, teasing blow jobs because those blow jobs make the most cum. The more I tease and drag on the blow job, the more of my treat I get. If I sat you down in the chair I would do the same to you. That cum in your balls is mine, you carry it for me.

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