Roleplay 22:Horny Jen Catches You Jerking Off

Remember a few weekends ago when I threw that party. Yea the BBQ that went strong ’till 3am. No, Deb! I did not get so smashed I had to lay down for a half an hour. Actually I went up to my room to grab a sweater. When I got there I heard something in my bathroom. I swear the cat was stuck in the shower again. But when I opened the door expecting the curtains to be cut to shreds, it was Ryan! Yes, Ryan from the house at the stop sign. No, no. He wasn’t “using” the bathroom, he was in there jerking off to a picture of me. It was on his phone! I have no idea how he got it. I guess I was a little tipsy. I mean he looked good, and his cock was massive and so hard. I had to touch it. Yes I did. It was so warm, and hard. No Deb, I did not leave him be… Are you ready to cum for Jen?

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